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Hello!  My name is Sammiee! 

Welcome to my Finance and Lifestye Blog! 

It’s been a long time coming and I decided on March the 4th 2019 I was going to begin..

So…..  I am a mother to 4 amazing little men…. yes I said 4! I am extremely lucky to have married my soulmate and best friend who I look forward to spending my life with each and every day.

Life has been a challenge to say the least and I owe it to myself to start enjoying life and do the things that makes me so happy – Spending time with my family and earning money online.


I have always been a grafter at work, in fact I have always been pretty damn good at the jobs I have had over the years, predominately business development, I was very successful, so when I began starting my family I started to feel like I was losing myself as my confidence, self belief and character became weaker and weaker. Looking back I feel this was due to being a way from my team and motivators, I struggled being at home as I felt like although I was carrying out my daily tasks, they needed doing again so quickly that I got myself into a pickle. Work was easy….. I had a daily plan, I ticked off as I worked through but being at home was another story, as soon as I hoovered, I needed to do it again. When I had done the washing, there was another load (or 5) waiting.

I felt like I was failing….. at time now I still feel like this – It’s normal! Our job as a mother is never ending – it does not clock of at 5pm, it has no END! 

As our family has grown so has the financial pressure, I had been constantly considering going back to work because I can earn a good salary, however the fruits of my labour would be handed over at the end of each month to my childcare provider  leaving me with pocket change – There is no point! 

I began researching how I can make an income online, I tried a couple of network marketing companies but I ended up spending more than I earnt going to meetings and travelling to events, I could not bare the thought of Avon, walking endless streets posting and collecting books would just take too much time and I would dread actually gaining any orders! (simply because I could not face packing the orders – they should come already packed and ready to dispatch!).

Over the years I have trained as a Nail Technician and a photographer, however as my family grew my time became more limited – scheduling a photoshoot or nail appointment after 8pm was neither a profitable business nor a feasible business, I had to go outside the box and look for another way.

I then turned to YouTube and found a gentleman that inspired me…. I have always wanted to do a job that added value to people, even more so to mums who often feel stuck in a rut because we are constantly under pressure from society, finances or our own battles about returning to work or staying at home with our little ones therefore I decided to start a blog about how you can start your own business and fit it in around the time that you have available – no pressure, no dead lines, no childcare costs!

This is when 



Helping mums to achieve their life and business goals is what I have a passion for! I am here to help you get your hobby into a business and get you online! 

Do not worry if you do not have a skill, choose something that you have a passion or interest for and go and get the skills you need to start your new life as a MumTrepreneur! 

Photographer | Cake Maker | Dog Walker | Beauty Technician | Tutor | Music Teacher | Tradeswomen

What ever you decide you want to start  – YOU CAN DO IT! So Start TODAY! 






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